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JSC «ARMO –GROUP» is a member of the International Association of TRACE (Transparent Agents and Contracting Entities), «Green Building Council Russia», International Association of integrators and manufacturers of Lon Works- sharing equipment - «Lon Mark Interoperability Association», as well as Russian - profit partnerships Lon Mark Russia and AVOK.

JSC " ARMO- GROUP" has all the necessary state licenses to carry out all types of design, installation and commissioning works (including the implementation of works on the construction of nuclear power plants and facilities for the disposal of radioactive waste and Emergency license to operate the installation , maintenance and repair of fire safety of buildings and structures) , a number of certificates confirming compliance with the quality management system ISO 9001:2008 and is a member of SRO NP «The Guild of architects and designers», SRO NP «Design of engineering systems of buildings and structures» , SRO NP «International Alliance of Builders».

JSC " ARMO -GROUP " holds advisory work in the field of construction of "Green Buildings" by the BREEAM standards, develops innovative approaches in the design of engineering systems of buildings and structures, as well as their construction, which further leads to a reduction in operating costs. The company has a selection of BREEAM certified professionals and consultants on mechanical, electrical and low current systems.


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