27 years of excellence


Unique expertise in the field of building information modeling (BIM), the years of work and the use of the latest technologies help us improve the quality and reduce the time of engineering works, thereby increasing the economic and investment attractiveness of projects.
The high level of BIM adaption in our company is driven by constant mastership in international projects, our own detailed database of engineering equipment products and a well-developed management system of projects with digital construction instruments.
Project visualization in 3D and the ability to view separate project sections - engineering networks, communications etc.
Allows us run projects tracking timings and schedule of work, as well as forecasting the construction process, the supply of materials, the involvement of technical and human resources.
Allows us to carry out cost estimates for different project scenarios thus giving a more rationalized and optimizes budget and timing estimates for our Clients. Our own developments in this area allow us to reduce the time of calculations on concept stage to speed the launch of the project.
We use BIM 6D to create digital building passport to guide and ease the facility management process - predicting the depreciation of engineering equipment, modeling daily loads depending on building capacity and traffic, alerting facility service about the necessary measures for monitoring and maintaining the equipment.
In 2017, ARMO-Group received the PROESTATE Federal Award “The object with the best engineering solutions for the commercial real estate market in Russia”. This nomination distinguishes the projects and solutions & new technologies, setting trends in the industry.
1 Mega projects
There are many MEGA-projects in our portfolio, where the length of engineering systems is more than 100 km - BIM allows to consolidate all systems and track the step-by-step execution of work at the facility.
2 International projects
We use BIM in international projects for the proper transfer of technology and project adaptation for the requirements of the Russian market.
3 Engineering Innovation
In projects that require a large amount of engineering innovation, intelligent engineering design, we use BIM in conjunction with other digital engineering solutions to create accurate calculations and quality guarantee of the implementation.
4 Timing optimization
Work in BIM allows us to implement projects on time, anticipating possible collisions on the early stages of design.
5 Unique asset
Our asset is the database of engineering objects accumulated over 20 years, which allows us to reduce the design time and select value engineering solutions for the Client.
6 Process automation/AI
We have our own IT developments in the field of automation of the process of designing typical objects and forecasting the cost.
7 Green standards
Using BIM allows us to comply with modern international standards and consolidate them with Russian market standards and individual standards of the Clients.
8 Boost your commercial spaces
With our 10-years BIM experience we have developed a know-how on reducing the amount of technical areas and rooms and thus increasing additional space for commercial purposes.
In 2018, ARMO-Group were invited to share expertise in the field of BIM in the construction of MEGA-projects at the leading global BIM WORLD Forum in Munich.
More than BIM
CFD-analysis for climate
CFD-analysis for climate inside the facility allows to test the parameters set by the BIM model and to develop various scenarios for the maintenance of the facility which is extremely important in multifunctional facilities, especially if the spaces inside are intended for various events and purposes
Humidity concentration intermediate modeling
CFD-analysis of emergencies and subsequent evacuation
CFD-analysis of emergencies and subsequent evacuation in buildings with massive population allows to test scenarios for building operation during emergency situations and define secure parameters for key factors (temperature, heat flow, visibility range, concentrations of CO, CO2, HCL, O2). The accuracy of calculations is ensured by the quality of the BIM model.
Security scenario modeling